I just watched High-Rise because Tom Hiddleston. And there was this scene that blew me away. No actors talking, just this song and wordless acting. Goosebumps mixed with claustrophobia. So now it’s on repeat because apparently that’s how I do it.


…I surprise myself. Like when I push my way into a meeting with 2 directors and a manager (like don’t get me wrong, I should have been there to begin with cause it was about something which is in my “area of expertise”, but the manager tried to sneak it past me). This goes against everything I normally do, and still I just went “I want to join if you don’t mind”. Boom.

*pats own shoulder*


My favorite album with artists tends to be the one I hear first (exceptions exist, for example Sigur Rós’ Kveikur). Somehow I get attached to the songs and think “this is how this artist should sound!” Boring as it may sound. This works fine for groups like The Offspring or Bad Religion, where I may like an “odd” album as far as other fans are concerned but the main sound remains more or less the same, but it gets a bit tricker with more versatile artists.

This also means that I am hesitant to listen when artists release new albums, thinking I won’t like them as much and then that’ll somehow taint the image I have of their greatness. (Yeah I’m not saying this makes any kind of since). When it comes to Björk, the first album I heard was Homogenic (1997) and that has been my favorite since then. I still love it too, songs like Jóga, Unravel and Bachelorette are still brilliant. Only recently, in the flight home from my last trip, did I really give Vulnicura a chance. All the raving reviews weren’t wrong! So now there are two albums of Björk’s that I’ll listen to. Baby steps.

Top Ten Tuesday

So let’s do this one again! This week’s Top Ten Tuesday from The Broke and the Bookish is titled “Top Ten Things Books Have Made Me Want To Do or Learn About After Reading Them”.

Eh. More like what books make me NOT want to do… But I shall try to get at least 5.

  • Move! I’ve read books about Amsterdam and New York that made me want to just live there (mainly these ones by Russell Shorto).





  • Run. Believe it or not. I obviously didn’t, but at one point I (for some reason I can’t fathom) read Scott Jurek’s Eat & Run.
  • Experience the eras in Jane Austen’s books. But then you can just watch Austenland to be reminded that it was probably horrible. I like hot showers and internet, thank you very much. (Although do watch the movie – Keri Russell and JJ Feild!)
  • Reading anything by Arnaldur Indriðason or Ylja Sigurðardóttir makes me want to go back to Iceland. I love and would marry Iceland if that was possible. Or, you know, just move there would also work and is less creepy. (Countdown – 3 months and a bit until I go there again!)
  • Write! Some books make me wish I could write.

Geeks united

Went to get coffee, ran into one of the consultants in the kitchen. 

Me: guess what I saw in the cinema this weekend?

Consultant: Awh, I haven’t seen star trek yet. 

Me: oh, no, me neither, I saw ghost busters!

Consultant: Oh you had to go see that now that the cast is all women?

So. I’m quite happy with his assumption that I’m a feminist geek. Then I informed him that he should also watch it.