Now the monkey comes out of the sleeve!

I work for an American company but almost all my colleagues are Dutch, and communicate mainly in Dutch except when they occasionally switch to English for various reasons. Something they (this may sound like a generalization, but I swear it goes for like 90% of them so it should be fairly correct) like to do is use sayings, which might even turn into a recurring thing here if I keep writing. “Weird Dutch sayings”.

One of the weirder ones is “Now the monkey comes out of the sleeve!”. Supposedly this means that someone is showing their true intentions with something. It has yet to be explained to me in a satisfactory manner exactly where this comes from. Some say it’s involving someone who cheated in cards by having a monkey in their sleeve… sounds dubious to say the least.

They also call @ “monkey tail”, which is kind of cute and not really weird at all if you’re Swedish and have ever called @ “a with a trunk”.


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