Current weather: kill me now

In the office we try to go for walks a few times a day (and with “we” I mean the others walk together and I walk with Spotify (my love!)). When returning from their walk wp-1469017438715.pngmy colleagues just went “Het is lekker warm!” (something like “It’s nice and warm!”). Yesterday it was around 28 degrees and I, surprisingly, survived without too much problems, but I had to skip my longer walk. Today? I’ll stay here by the air co thank you very much.


2 thoughts on “Current weather: kill me now

  1. Urk. My seepest sympathies really. I used to think some heat is linda nice, and then I went to Berlin in summer and was cured. Not to be mean or anything, but we currently have a nice cool breeze, might go get me something a bit warmer to wear actually. Just saying Norrland, ganska så bra alltså.


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