Geeks united

Went to get coffee, ran into one of the consultants in the kitchen. 

Me: guess what I saw in the cinema this weekend?

Consultant: Awh, I haven’t seen star trek yet. 

Me: oh, no, me neither, I saw ghost busters!

Consultant: Oh you had to go see that now that the cast is all women?

So. I’m quite happy with his assumption that I’m a feminist geek. Then I informed him that he should also watch it. 


5 thoughts on “Geeks united

  1. …’had to’ as in it’s mandatory for women to see any movie where the cast is female..? Such a weird, weird comment.

    I was thinking me and Nina was going to go see the new Ab Fab when we’re in the UK, but now I’m thinking maybe we’ll go see this one instead? If we can tear ourselves away from the eating/drinking.


    1. He’s a weird, weird man, so I just take it at face value and don’t analyze anything he says 😛

      I’m definitely going to see Ab Fab as well! Both seem good 🙂 When are you off to the UK?


      1. In about a month, the 25th…which is pretty much exactly a month come to think of it.

        Mum went to see Ab Fab when they were there and she was not impressed, but maybe that’s not much to go on?


      2. Dunno, is she picky with her movies? (I think she’s seen some pretty crap ones (imo) with my mom… xD) I guess it’d have to be really bad for me to be disappointed, and I have higher expectations on them!


      3. Weellll..her fave movie is While You Were Sleeping, so maybe she’s not an authority 😛

        And if I think about it, I don’t really mind watching crap movies. Plus, I hear you can bring your drinks into the cinema. (How did I not know this before? How was I not going to the movies when I lived in Scotland??) What I mean is, if it is boring, there is a solution to that.

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