My favorite album with artists tends to be the one I hear first (exceptions exist, for example Sigur Rós’ Kveikur). Somehow I get attached to the songs and think “this is how this artist should sound!” Boring as it may sound. This works fine for groups like The Offspring or Bad Religion, where I may like an “odd” album as far as other fans are concerned but the main sound remains more or less the same, but it gets a bit tricker with more versatile artists.

This also means that I am hesitant to listen when artists release new albums, thinking I won’t like them as much and then that’ll somehow taint the image I have of their greatness. (Yeah I’m not saying this makes any kind of since). When it comes to Björk, the first album I heard was Homogenic (1997) and that has been my favorite since then. I still love it too, songs like Jóga, Unravel and Bachelorette are still brilliant. Only recently, in the flight home from my last trip, did I really give Vulnicura a chance. All the raving reviews weren’t wrong! So now there are two albums of Björk’s that I’ll listen to. Baby steps.

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