Free speech vs PC

I regularly get into discussions about being PC (which, btw, I proudly try to be). Because of things like this and this. Yet sometimes I lack the words to express why it frustrates me so much when people go “but we’ve always called it that” (yes. And? You can change your habits, right?). But this weekend as I was catching up with reading my magazines, I stumbled across this article in the New Yorker that says it perfectly. He uses Trump as an example, but it can be applied to pretty much anyone who uses PC as if it’s something bad:

“Above all, Trump supporters are “not politically correct,” which, as far as I can tell, means that they have a particular aversion to that psychological moment when having thought something, you decide that it is not a good thought, and might pointlessly hurt someone’s feelings, and therefore decline to say it./…/ This is why, before we say exactly what is on our minds, we run it past ourselves, to see if it makes sense, is true, is fair, has a flavor of kindness, and won’t hurt someone or make someone’s difficult life more difficult.” (George Saunders, New Yorker 11 & 18 July issue)

Also, there’s this cartoon by xkcd, which hits another relevant point in this story.

10 thoughts on “Free speech vs PC”

      1. Oh dammit Im gonna have to give it another go. Which I really knew because..Ive actually listened to Carolas talk (apologies for the lack of apostrophes, borrowing a computer and the keyboard is just lying. The keys arent what they say they are).


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