Vegan Buddha Bowl

So in my efforts to eat less meat I was looking for easy vegetarian or vegan lunches that I can bring to work, and I stumbled upon this recipe; Thai Tempeh Buddha Bowl. Which I still think sounds nice and I don’t mind tempeh (as long as it’s been marinated in something), so I thought I’d give it a try.

In the dish’s defence I have to say that I forgot to buy cabbage and you can’t buy cashew butter in normal stores here. I tried with almond butter instead and that was disgusting. Also, smoked or pre-marinated tempeh is not to be found, so I bought plain and mixed it with some stuff that was in the fridge.

End result? Meh. It was OK. I finished it and was more or less full. It would probably be nicer with the sauce, now it ended up quite dry. Not even close to my favorite recipe containing tempeh (this one!).

So… any recommendations for vegetarian meals that are suitable for my lunch box are very welcome. Preferably they shouldn’t take too much effort either!

9 thoughts on “Vegan Buddha Bowl”

  1. 😀 I was all yay! Buddah bowl, you can’t g wrong there! ..but apparently you can!!?! What sorts of things do you like? I do improvised Buddah bowls (which I think we would call ljummen sallad i skål på svensk) like all the time. I could see if I could come with some sort of suggestion.

    What I’m doing today: roasting purple cabbage, broccoli and squash in some sesame oil, maybe a few nuts, haven’t decided yet, and then just some brown rice, and actually just a good sweet chili sauce with that. Oh yes, and I’ve got some pinto beans I’ll throw in too.

    For general inspiration:

    Also: if you can’t find a specific nut butter, I’d say just go with PB instead, OR make guacamole.


      1. Weelll..if you love PB, then the obvious suggestion I would say is a sort of asian inspired bowl. How do you feel about rice noodles? You could do rice noodles, fry up some broccoli in garlic or garlic granules (I use persillade), throw in some shiitake or oyster mushrooms if you like mushrooms, and then a good firm tofu, either just as is or roast in in a pan or the oven, I prefer getting the type that’s already marinated because I’m friggin lazy, an option tho could be green soy beans or black beans, because they make for a nice contrast, then I’d go with fresh snap peas and some bean sprouts. Or, if you want more cooked veggies, you could cut some squash in thick quarters and roast it in the oven (olive oil or stock, some lemon juice is usually nice too), I would say until they start turning black, but it’s a matter of taste. And then! If you got PB that’s a bitter runnier in consistency you could just pour it over, or if you want to be fancy, make a satay sauce. I’d just get the PB right on (if it’s too firm, just mix with some water), and some chili or wasabi spice (dried kind!).

        And the brown rice, it used to be like 40 minutes (that’s just not happening), but now they’ve got the done in 10 min kind, so yay!

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      2. Wow. Really? For whatever reason I’d always imagined it’d be like the UK, they’re like miles ahead of us when it comes to what’s available in stores, both in terms of clothes and food. In a way a comfort to know that it’s not just Sweden.


      3. Oh no, Sweden’s like progressive compared to here! Could be that Amsterdam is ahead of the rest, but that’s as fair as comparing Stockholm to the rest of the country…


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