100 Day Song Challenge – #4

This now calls for “a song that makes you want to dance”, which I guess fits a Saturday evening. The first time I heard this song I though “meh.”. But somehow it got stuck in my head and then I had to listen to it again and again… And I kind of want to learn to do that little dance he’s doing in the middle cause it looks awkward and funny.


3 thoughts on “100 Day Song Challenge – #4

  1. You know, I don’t really get this song at all, but I do love getting a peek into music I would normally know nothing about (Nina was familiar tho, and told me a little story about one of her confused friends who thought this was “so indie” and was quite miffed about Nina pointing out P3 played it so probably you know, no. Right. Side note from me :P)


    1. Yeah! And in the spirit of my old music teacher “all musik är bra för den som tycker om den”.

      Lol at Nina’s friend. (Additionally, why should that matter? It’s not like music inherently get better from being on a small label.)


      1. Exactly! I feel kind of sorry for people who feel like it’s not OK to like popular music, who look down on mainstream basically -because- it’s mainstream. (Feel sorry for; euphemism for “I want to hit them on the head with the first Lady Gaga record”. Basically.) Must be a sad existence indeed.

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