100 Day Song Challenge – #7

Song challenge! I give you “a song that gets you pumped up” by Randy the Band.


6 thoughts on “100 Day Song Challenge – #7

    1. Randy the Band was through John, he listened to this kind of music in the 90ies.

      Recently I’ve found that Spotify’s Discover Weekly and I get along quite well! (And with well I mean there are 2-5 songs a week I quite like – like the song by Ofelia.) 🙂


      1. Oh yess, 90s, we had such lovely peculiar music back then 😉 /nostalgia

        Well that’s not bad at all. I’ve got weeks where I just want to should at it DON’T YOU KNOW ME AT ALL?!?!? If I listen excessively to Bring Me the Horizon, it gives me excellent suggestions, but weeks I listen a lot to Architects it’s like WTF? Just as an example. I do listen to other bands. Really.

        Do you still use last.fm tho? I sometimes find that they do an even better job pinpointing what music I might like.


      2. Yes, it’s a bit hit and miss, I agree. (Like them suggesting I listen to Kent. If there’s one band I can’t stand it’s Kent.)

        I’ve never really gotten into using last.fm for music suggestions, the website just looks too messy for my taste.


      3. 😀 That’s when you wish there was an unlike button so you could let them know that GODDAMNIT this is not something I want to be listening to!!

        Ah. Yes. And the latest update did not make it any better. But the suggestions are on your “start page” when you log in, so if you’re used to it, it’s not that difficult. + I like using their related artists function. I’m not trying to promote or insist, just saying. Because I can’t help myself, despite everything I love it so, clearly 😛


      4. That would indeed be very helpful! Like an up and down vote for the songs they recommend. You should suggest it to them, I don’t think they’re impossible when it comes to those things 😛

        Haha, I will give it a look 😉

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