Buffy quote(s)

I’ve started re-watching Buffy. This is obviously something that should be done regularly, cause I had forgotten how good it really is/was. I just finished season 1, so there will most likely be more posts about this, I just wanted to share this quote that was new to me:

Giles: “Testosterone is a great equalizer, it turns all men into morons.” (s1e6)

And they’re all so young! I watched Bones until it went crap, and now I still go “oh look at David Boreanaz!” every time Angel appears. Baby face. And what happened to Xander? I can’t remember seeing him in anything after this show?



5 thoughts on “Buffy quote(s)”

  1. Här gillar vi innan inlägget ens är läst!

    And yes, you should! But I have to admit I struggle to rewatch all of it. I can’t take evil Angel. I just can’t. But god, it’s like goddamn quote-fest. Fave dialogue ever for sure.

    You don’t want to know what happened to Xander. He’s not doing well (accidentally saw some info over at ONTD, and I just don’t want to know).

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      1. Aah, no, I want to continue thinking they are all like super humans who don’t do anything wrong or bad, so I stay away from those!

        You’re also busy at work I take it? 😛


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