100 Day Song Challenge – #10

So, the tenth (non-consecutive) day of the song challenge wants me to share “a song that has a new meaning every time you hear it”. Meh. What? Are there people who have that?

I’ll just share share this Taylor Swift video cause I spent too much time this past weekend watching it/her. I’m almost inspired enough to write a post about why everyone’s hating on successful female mainstream artists. And my own elitism that I’m trying to overcome (by posting a public note admitting that I watched and enjoyed a TS song). Maybe someday?

2 thoughts on “100 Day Song Challenge – #10”

  1. Do the post, do it! 😀

    Also, agreed, what d’you mean “new meaning -every- time”?? My current thought is, I sometimes have songs that I feel I didn’t listen to properly the first time and I’ll have an epiphany later and go ‘Ooooohhhhhh that’s what it’s about!” But that’s the closest I get.

    Category that would make more sense: a song that you feel differerently about now. Example: I can’t listen to Gone with the Wind today because I might start to weep. That’s not what I felt in any way what so ever when it was released. And yes, I am an overgrown silly fangirl. (Säg inget till mamma :P)

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