100 Day Song Challenge – #15

Number 15 in the song challenges wants us to share a song that “you would consider a guilty pleasure”. As I’ve mentioned earlier I’m trying to get away from this. Why would anything be a guilty pleasure? If it’s a pleasure it’s a pleasure. No social norms should make us feel guilty about it.

So. I still decided to play along, and picked Beyoncé cause who can resist her? Also, if you haven’t seen it you should check out this video where Stephen Merchant does the single ladies dance – it still makes me laugh.

One thought on “100 Day Song Challenge – #15”

  1. Oh I so wish this was something I listened to more. I’d have no problem what so ever fessing up to listening to this.

    What I do feel slightly guilty about: the severe male dominance of my taste in music as of late. Snart kommer jag att få börja kvotera in kvinnor alltså. Förstår inte var det gått fel.


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