100 Day Song Challenge – #10

So, the tenth (non-consecutive) day of the song challenge wants me to share “a song that has a new meaning every time you hear it”. Meh. What? Are there people who have that?

I’ll just share share this Taylor Swift video cause I spent too much time this past weekend watching it/her. I’m almost inspired enough to write a post about why everyone’s hating on successful female mainstream artists. And my own elitism that I’m trying to overcome (by posting a public note admitting that I watched and enjoyed a TS song). Maybe someday?

Working on my poker face

A person at my work loves Bridget Jones’ Diary and was talking about it last week. I’m not a huge fan but chimed in by talking about Colin Firth as Darcy and how that was funny. The person was all “Whaaat? He played Darcy before?”. This is not even where the poker face came in.

I lent them my DVDs with the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Today I got them back, with the comment “I didn’t make it past the first part, cause there was too much giggling”.

The correct smiley for me at the moment is:


100 Day Song Challenge – #9

Now we’re starting to get in to song choices that are either too personal or too vague, so get ready for songs without any (mentioned) motivation! For “a song that means a lot to you”, I’ve gone with Glesbygd’n because obviously this list needs at least one ska/reggae band. And they teamed up with my favorite artist of all – Annika Norlin (a.k.a. Säkert!, a.k.a. Hello Saferide).

A perv, by any other name…

So I finished Lolita last night, and all I have to say is “gatver”*. I realize that this is a classic and all that, but wtf?

 20160819_121902Now I need something light and less disgusting, so I started this book, which I couldn’t keep myself from buying after talking about it. Hopefully Mr Darcy can make up for Humbert Humbert.

*This is Dutch and is close to the phrase for “God damnit”. The Dutch person I live with was raised in a very religious town and uses this regularly when cursing. It kind of means “gross”. (Also, if you’re properly religious, it’s still blasphemy, cause the intention is there. Apparently.)

Buffy quote(s)

I’ve started re-watching Buffy. This is obviously something that should be done regularly, cause I had forgotten how good it really is/was. I just finished season 1, so there will most likely be more posts about this, I just wanted to share this quote that was new to me:

Giles: “Testosterone is a great equalizer, it turns all men into morons.” (s1e6)

And they’re all so young! I watched Bones until it went crap, and now I still go “oh look at David Boreanaz!” every time Angel appears. Baby face. And what happened to Xander? I can’t remember seeing him in anything after this show?