Top Ten Tuesday

It’s Tuesday and time for The Broke and the Bookish TTT! This week is somewhat of a freebie with a TV theme.

My probably completely uncontroversial Top Ten of TV shows (except that “The Wire” is not in it. I haven’t seen it. Live with it.):

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But of course. I don’t think this requires any further comment!

Miranda. Miranda Hart’s semi-autobiographical show is seriously underrated. She’s hilarious and I love it all.

Jessica Jones. Sure, we’re only 1 season in, but what a season! Krysten Ritter is an alcoholic people hating PI and David Tennant an amazingly bad guy.

Gilmore GirlsA guy I used to live with commented this show with “oh, it’s the women who talk super fast and never stop.” Lorelei and Lorelei ❤

How I Met Your Mother. This is on Netflix so I “re-watched” it 2 years ago. I say re-watch, but I discovered that there were lots of episodes I hadn’t seen. And even though it’s entertaining even when you only see an episode every now and then, it greatly benefits from binge watching, cause there are jokes in it that you only notice this way.

True Blood. Sure the show had a bit of a dip there in the middle, but it picked up and got good again! Vampires! Telepathy! Werewolves! What’s not to like?

The West Wing. It’s been years since I watched this show (time for a re-watch soon perhaps?), but it’s one of those that have stuck with me.

2 Broke Girls. This show has its fair share of lame jokes, but I genuinely like the main characters and their struggles.

Broadchurch. If someone’s going to be on this list twice (er.. thrice?) it’s of course David Tennant. Loved the first season, found the second OK. Not too shabby for a crime story.

Doctor Who. Obviously. David Tennant (here we go again) was my first doctor, so I’ll always like him the most, but the show is still fun to watch despite who the current doctor is.




12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. You know, you’ve managed to pinpoint the exact things that would make me interested in watching Jessica Jones. Although, the fact that David is in it should be enough, I just haven’t been thaat interested (now, if he spoke Scottish, however..he doesn’t, right?). Might need to give it a go!

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