100 Day Song Challenge – #20

I just spent well over 2 hours at the hairdresser’s just to get my hair dyed. That included a 40 minute wait, since you can’t make appointments, and then an intern who arduously spent like an hour applying the color. I guess they have to learn by doing, I just wish it wasn’t on me. So, to cheer me up, here’s the song that “was released in the 00s”:

6 thoughts on “100 Day Song Challenge – #20”

  1. Muse. I just don’t get this band. Sure, I love Uprising and Resistance, which is why I don’t get why the rest of it’s just lost on me.

    Also. Thought 2 hours at hairdresser for hair dye was perfectly normal? Not including wait. ..so that’s how my I know about hair dying I guess.

    So jealous you get your hair dyed tho. I strongly suspect my hair couldn’t take it.

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    1. I kind of agree. Went to see them last year as company, and didn’t enjoy it at all. The singer’s just to whiney for me. Still, some good songs. Uprising is great, and 2 songs where the bass player sings…

      Oh, maybe? I haven’t had my hair dyed anywhere else, so maybe the woman who normally does it is just super fast?


      1. Really? And still you pick a song by them? You’re weird. (Which, of course, is the highest compliment coming from me.)

        Oh no! Don’t listen to me. What do I know? Literally nothing. I mean, I might be thinking of people who do more advanced dying, like, first bleach and then add some weird color and THAT might take a shitlong time?


      2. Well this is one of the songs I like! Then I don’t want to discriminate just cause I didn’t like them live… Dutchie thought they were great and went to see them again this year (this time with colleagues…)


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