100 Day Song Challenge – #23

I woke up today, and my brain can’t fathom that it’s only friggin’ Wednesday. How is this possible? It feels like the week’s been going on FOREVER. In other news Buffy’s now dating Riley (who is kind of a bore?), Willow’s into Tara and Xander’s dating the ex-vengeance demon. So all is well in the Buffyverse.

I’ve been thinking about this next theme for the song challenge. A song that “everyone knows the lyrics to”. Who’s everyone in this scenario? The answer differs depending on if I’d ask friends, colleagues or family.

We’ve been trying to lighten the spirits on the slow Friday afternoons at work, and doing an informal music quiz with one of our IT persons. Theme: the 80s (not my choice!) Apparently everyone in the office from 1977-1985 know this one:


One thought on “100 Day Song Challenge – #23

  1. Agreed, it’s a tricky one; narrowing it down further is the only way to find a song. Maybe that’s the challenge of this challenge? Making sense of all of these different categories.

    Riley is an acquired taste I would say. I used to hate him, but he grew on me quickly enough. I mean he -is- boring and such a goody two shoes, but I like it that he is.


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