October blog challenge 2016 part 4 of 5

Bucket List
Nope. This is like that whole “seize the day” thing which I find BS.

Top 5 Songs Right Now

FM Belfast “You’re So Pretty”
Ólafur Arnalds “So Far”
swedish tiger sound “Odd Man Out”
Roo Panes “Tiger Striped Sky”
Elin Bell “Happy New Year”

You’re so pretty I don’t know if I should
Starve myself
Or change my personality
Make it good

Hairstyle Of The Day
Ponytail! Always. My hair is so thick that it gets too warm if it’s worn down.

Recent Purchases

A new electric toothbrush cause the old one doesn’t hold charge very well, and a stormproof foldable umbrella (from Senz) – cause Dutch winter is months of darkness, wind and rain.

Favorite Quote
Eh. I will go with this: there’s a  Swedish song called “Pessimistkonsulten”. It really appeals to my misanthropic northern Swedish self with lines like “there’s no point in dreaming, everything will go to hell anyway”. For some reason I find that encouraging.

“Det är lika bra att sluta drömma, det går åt helvete i alla fall
För om man drömmer om Paris hamnar man på något vis
lik förbannat i Hudiksvall”

Dream Job
My main skill is in organizing things, so if we should keep this realistic my dream job would be to work for a music festival (like my beloved Iceland Airwaves!)

Unrealistically I would love to be a writer, but I guess you have to actually produce text and have ideas for that?

A funny poem and a poor translation

Poetry is not something I consume a lot of. Since it’s so personal, I think you have to invest some time to find the poets/poems that speak to you, or it’s just a waste of time. I’ve raved about Warsan Shire before, and recently read salt., which was also wonderful. But apart from that… meh. I know I should give Emily Dickinson a try, but haven’t yet.

This past weekend I still ended up at a poetry recital. Someone I know was releasing new collections of their poems, and more people were reading. And one of them made me laugh! It’s the first time this happened, so I’m quite excited about it and wanted to share the poem. The problem is, it’s in Dutch. If you’re sensitive to poor translations I suggest you stop reading now, because I will attempt it here.


“DICHTERSRECEPT” by Fiet van Beek

Visit the library
in a medium sized town
a small one is also fine
ask for poetry
or look at eight-hundred something*
count the number of poetry collections
look for your own name.

Since you’re there anyway
walk on to the local bookstore
inquire if they have the book
that you wrote
and where the poems are.

Repeat this as many times
as there are bookstores
in that place.

Go home
write a poem
about under-appreciated talent;
those are the best.

* I assumed this concerns library classification numbering, but I’m not entirely sure…

October blog challenge 2016 part 3 of 5

I’ll pretend I had better things to do this weekend (got my hair dyed and went to a poetry recital in Amsterdam…), and here’s part 3 of the blog challenge.

Tips For A New Blogger
Clearly I’m not qualified to do this, but I’d say write about something that interests you and don’t go crazy with the colors on your website. Ugly coloring and hard to read fonts can make me abandon blogs I used to enjoy.

Who’s In Your Playlist
Who isn’t?! Well. These are the last two songs added to “my songs” in Spotify:

Things You’re Looking Forward To
Iceland Airwaves! T-minus 10 days now. And on Wednesday I’m going to Stockholm with work. I added a vacation day and get a long weekend there, which happens to coincide with a surprise birthday party for a friend.

Pet Peeves
I will unfriend you in all ways possible if you eat/chew and talk at the same time. Pick one. You’re not starving.

Also, one of my colleagues has a nervous tick that means he keeps clicking his pen while he’s on the phone. So I regularly have to go “Put. The. Pen. Away.” or it’s office assault waiting to happen.

People who talk in the silent cart in the train.

Yes! I have tattoos which will not be pictured. A nautical star on my upper arm and cherries on my collar bone. I want more but so much effort/money!

Wordless Wednesday
4th Nov 2015:


100 Day Song Challenge – #32

It’s time for a song “with a line you would tattoo on your body”. I don’t think I will ever do that, words just seem so fickle? But I’ll play along.

Aaaah. Of course my head goes straight to house god Annika Norlin. Like “Jag ska dansa fastän hjärtat brister” (“I’ll be dancing though my heart is breaking”),

“There is a war in all the heads and there’s a war in mine as well,
And if I could explain it any better, I’m sure I would”,

“I took a train that took me north
And it’s the place where trees speak louder than the people
But if I have to pick that’s what I’ll choose”

I know Lisa said she’s trying to avoid duplicates but I have no such limitations. This will not be the last you hear about/by Annika in this challenge.

Vacation recap

So! This won’t be too detailed cause no one wants to read that. Spent 8 nights on Curacao, and 7 days on the beach, reading. Tropical Storm (later hurricane) Matthew made an appearance, and we were lucky that Curacao is south of the hurricane belt and all that happened was that it rained for like an hour and then it was clouded the rest of the trip. Not too bad!


Left the resort at exactly 1 point – for a walk into the city of Willemstad to see the colorful houses:

So that was my first beach vacation, but it sure won’t be the last! I quite enjoyed being extremely lazy and getting lots of reading done.