October blog challenge 2016 part 1 of 5

Lisa asked if I was up for another blog challenge, and obviously I said yes. Instead of doing this as a daily thing, we’ve divided it up into parts that will be posted on Saturdays.

October Goals
This’ll be a very busy month (according to my social awkwardness) where I have committed to do things ALL COMING 4 WEEKENDS. The horror. So my main goal now is to survive this without being completely exhausted…

I actually had to google this to know what it meant, so that should tell you how into these things I am. And I’ll pass. Today was spent painting again, and I’m sure you can live without seeing the stained and washed out old clothes. I wore this though:


The Story Behind the Blog Name
It’s a sort of pun based on my last name (which contains the word “dither” in Swedish). Pretty sure everyone just assumes I got “hither thither” wrong, and I can live with that.

Who Inspires You
Eh. I don’t know. Think I mainly get inspired by ideas and thoughts, not individuals. Like (my house god) Annika Norlin’s lyrics.

5 Things About you
I have a very good memory for who said what, and when. To the annoyance of everyone in my life.

The worst thing you can do if you have to work with me is lie. I WILL NEVER FORGET/FORGIVE.

Apparently I look angry when my face is relaxed (I refuse to refer to this as “rbf” because wtf). If I’d had a dollar every time someone told me “You look angry”… blabla.

I read books in 6 languages (listed in order of how often it happens): English, Swedish, German, Dutch, Norwegian & Danish.

I refuse to speak Dutch to my colleagues. This is purely out of spite, but I hide this by saying that “there are plenty of people in this office who need to practice their English. I’m just helping them.” (Which is also true btw.)

Thankful Thursday
I’m very thankful for my friends and family who love me and keep in touch with me even when I’m bad at it. And for having been born into, and living in, a peaceful country/region.

4 thoughts on “October blog challenge 2016 part 1 of 5”

    1. 1) Dinner at friends, plus sleepover cause it’s far from my house. 2) Hotel night in Amsterdam to go to father in law’s poetry book release. 3) Stockholm! 4) Iceland!
      So it’s all good stuff, I just get stressed out about not having relaxing “me time” in such a long period.

      Haha. I’ve been fixing up the attic. When moving in 7 years ago, it had this hideous wallpaper which was still there. Now it’s not! And then I had to paint the wall and then the other walls cause otherwise they’d look like crap in comparison…


      1. 1) Friggin hell, impressive that you stand for that, sleepover, that’s tough shit (dunno if I sound sarcastic, I’m not, completely honest here) 2) Oo sounds fun! 3) Whatever are you doing in Sthlm? Seeing Architects? 😉 4) Cool!

        I see! Kinda fun tho, bit of fixing? I mean not every weekend, but every..two years..or so.


      2. Well I normally hate it. Which is why I don’t do it. This is however with people I genuinely don’t mind, so it’s like a… test?

        Sthlm… yeah. My boss, for some vague reason, decided that she wants to go visit our Swedish distributor. Since I’m their contact person I got invited along (free trip!) Chose to stay the weekend and am hoping to meet up with people I rarely see there 🙂

        Yes, kind of fun, every 5 years or so. So now I’m good for a while 😛

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