Bíó Poppsalt!

I find today’s and the next few weeks’ TTT a bit “meh”, so I’ll skip those. Better luck next year!

Instead I’ll talk about popcorn – also known as my favorite snack*. Movie popcorn are obviously the best, and I’ve tried to find a surrogate for these. This has meant buying popcorn seasoning that promises to improve the taste of your snacks (because honestly, plain popcorn popped at home in oil are quite dull). Alas it mainly means gross artificial flavors that make the popcorn inedible. And I’m fine with artificial normally, so that should tell you just how gross.

However! While in Iceland (I want to say on cause you know.. island? but they say in themselves so… in it will be) I found this in the supermarket:


And while the color looks slightly scary, this is amazing! My Icelandic is pretty basic, but I’ve interpreted the label to “MOVIE – popcorn salt” (since bio is cinema in Swedish, bioscoop is cinema in Dutch). (It also says “Tasty on popcorn”.) And it is! Only a pinch is needed and they do taste like movie popcorn! So you know, next time you go to Iceland…

* No, chips are my favorite snack but I will try to stay away from them cause there is no moderation. Luckily they don’t have these in NL.

The worst season…

…of Buffy! See what I did there? I like fall/autumn. It’s dark and cozy and it makes perfect sense to light candles and stay inside. (Although, as discussed with Lisa, I don’t have to go through the treacherous season that is Swedish fall with ice and snow. But I miss the snow…)

So anyway, let’s talk about the horror that starts with episode 16, Season 5 of Buffy. I mean technically I guess it starts the episode prior to that one, when Buffy comes home and finds her mom lifeless on the couch. This season makes me hate Joss Whedon just a little bit. Sure the actors are great and convincing, but man what a drag it is to watch. I don’t need to cry this much (yes, even though I know what’s going to happen). Dying moms, what’s sadder than that?


100 Day Song Challenge – #44

Uh, I’m a bit slow today. Went out for sushi and (just a few) drinks with friends last night and went to bed too late. Luckily the day is already halfway over!

In the song challenge it’s time for a song “with a E as the first letter of the title”. This was an easy one – this is one of my favorite Bad Religion song with lines like:

All promises become a lie
all that’s benign corrupts in time

Doctor Strange

We went to see Doctor Strange last night. Not that I was overly impressed by the trailer, but I mean Marvel + Benedict Cumberbatch. How could one resist?

And all in all I have to say it was good. Some of the fight scenes were quite difficult to follow, but it was “good enough”. Not my favorite Marvel movie so far, but definitely in the top half! Also, I got popcorn so that always helps.