October blog challenge 2016 part 5 of 5

I’m back! And I got a cold to start off this work week so I’m running on caffeine and painkillers. Let’s get the last part of the October blog challenge over with before I continue ranting about Iceland.

Ways To Win Your Heart
Well. You probably come a long way with: humor, common sense and good manners. And being nice. Bad boys are overrated and assholes are not worthy my time.

Bedtime Outfit
These are my newest pyjama pants:

Manicure Of The Day
I haven’t done anything about my nails since before we went to Curacao so I’ll spare you this. Current state: horrible.

Halloween Inspiration
Well, since we don’t really do Halloween here, this is the only thing I can think of:

A Day In The Life
I think I already did this previously in this challenge and my days are fairly similar so whatever. Today I woke up feeling like my sinuses will explode and someone used a grater on my throat. And still not bad enough to call in sick apparently, so here I am.

Nein! I don’t do it, nor do I have any plans to. For me it just means a bunch of Americans spamming social media with orange things and dressing up.

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