Tell me I’m not too old

Age is the least of my concerns (let’s not get started on the gray hairs though… that’s worse than the ticking time bomb of age). HOWEVER.

Since I was like 20 I’ve been thinking that I want to learn to play an instrument. Then Uni came in the way (money and time-wise) and then… I’m great at procrastinating. So. Still no better at playing any sort of instrument, I saw the guys of Árstíðir again at Airwaves (I say again since this is the band I have seen most times in total and they will probably get a ranting post at some point about how lovely they are and how I get a total crush on all of them every concert. But anyway.) and this thought popped up again.

This time I’m thinking I shouldn’t bother with guitar or bass though, I want to learn to play the piano. And followed by that thought came the inevitable – “but aren’t you too old anyway?”

Am I?


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