100 Day Song Challenge – #40

I was totally going to use this song because Annika Norlin <3. I mean seriously:

Varje ord du säger kan driva oss isär
Jag vill förtvivlat gärna att det inte ska sluta här
Ord är som napalmbomber
De ödelägger land
Jag vill inte höra vad du har att säga
Bara hålla din hand

The woman is a genius, I tell you. And so the English version of this song is called “Quiet” and would have fit today’s theme of a song “with a Q as the first letter of the title”. (Edit: But I couldn’t find a video for it!!! See I have a perfectly good reason, I just forgot to mention it. Thanks Lisa :))

So. Once that song was removed there were 3 songs left in my library starting with Q, so not a vast choice. I leave you with a(nother) Icelander:


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