100 Day Song Challenge – #44

Uh, I’m a bit slow today. Went out for sushi and (just a few) drinks with friends last night and went to bed too late. Luckily the day is already halfway over!

In the song challenge it’s time for a song “with a E as the first letter of the title”. This was an easy one – this is one of my favorite Bad Religion song with lines like:

All promises become a lie
all that’s benign corrupts in time

3 thoughts on “100 Day Song Challenge – #44”

  1. Dear lord you’re optimistic. I’ve got the day off, just arrived in Sthlm and I just really want to complain about having to go out in the rain. To shop. (does it always rain in this godforsaken place???) Tell me, how do you do it??

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    1. Haha, it happens every now and then! We’re only half-staffed today so it’s quieter than normal, I am not very busy so can blog a bit and listen to music. Barely feels like working sometimes 🙂

      It didn’t rain when I was in Stockholm! 😛 Hope you’ll have fun though 🙂

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      1. You mean to tell me Sthlm hates me?!? 😉

        Ah, sounds like a brilliant workday indeed!

        Might opt for internet shopping excellent meal + glass of wine at the restaurant right next door and then I’m sure I’ll be in a much better mood in time for Bring Me tonight.

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