The worst season…

…of Buffy! See what I did there? I like fall/autumn. It’s dark and cozy and it makes perfect sense to light candles and stay inside. (Although, as discussed with Lisa, I don’t have to go through the treacherous season that is Swedish fall with ice and snow. But I miss the snow…)

So anyway, let’s talk about the horror that starts with episode 16, Season 5 of Buffy. I mean technically I guess it starts the episode prior to that one, when Buffy comes home and finds her mom lifeless on the couch. This season makes me hate Joss Whedon just a little bit. Sure the actors are great and convincing, but man what a drag it is to watch. I don’t need to cry this much (yes, even though I know what’s going to happen). Dying moms, what’s sadder than that?


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