Bíó Poppsalt!

I find today’s and the next few weeks’ TTT a bit “meh”, so I’ll skip those. Better luck next year!

Instead I’ll talk about popcorn – also known as my favorite snack*. Movie popcorn are obviously the best, and I’ve tried to find a surrogate for these. This has meant buying popcorn seasoning that promises to improve the taste of your snacks (because honestly, plain popcorn popped at home in oil are quite dull). Alas it mainly means gross artificial flavors that make the popcorn inedible. And I’m fine with artificial normally, so that should tell you just how gross.

However! While in Iceland (I want to say on cause you know.. island? but they say in themselves so… in it will be) I found this in the supermarket:


And while the color looks slightly scary, this is amazing! My Icelandic is pretty basic, but I’ve interpreted the label to “MOVIE – popcorn salt” (since bio is cinema in Swedish, bioscoop is cinema in Dutch). (It also says “Tasty on popcorn”.) And it is! Only a pinch is needed and they do taste like movie popcorn! So you know, next time you go to Iceland…

* No, chips are my favorite snack but I will try to stay away from them cause there is no moderation. Luckily they don’t have these in NL.


11 thoughts on “Bíó Poppsalt!

  1. But what sort of spice is that? Is it a mix? Or like..dried butter..? I’d imagine movie popcorn taste like butter (yea..not so much with the going to the movies over here, so just no idea really..)

    Have you tried using different types of oil? I like to branch out and sometimes make them using olive olil, sometimes coconut oil (an absolute fave), sesame also works. And then I just throw some herbal salt on top.

    PS. Tried peanut popcorn in the UK. Er. That was. Like jordnötsringar basically I guess?


    1. It is somehow related to butter, yes. There’s also salt in there though (so not to use on already salted popcorn…)

      Not really, no. I’ve only ever done with olive oil, so that’s a good idea 😀
      Herbal salt doesn’t exist here so not sure what that tastes like?


      1. I feel so clever now 😉

        I guess it tastes less salty than salt and a bit more like garlic, not strong garlic, just a hint. There are other herbs in it as well but nothing really tastes as much as garlic. Dunno if that sounds awful. I like it tho.


      2. Hmm, have never tried garlic popcorn, but I’d be willing to give it a try! We’ll see if I remember to buy herbal salt while in Sweden for Christmas 🙂

        I occasionally put cayenne pepper on my popcorn so I’m not judging anyone 😛


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