100 Day Song Challenge – #47

I’ll start with this: as much as I talk about how people shouldn’t have guilty pleasures when it comes to music/movies/tv-shows… I am a little ashamed of this one. Which is why I’ll share it. Since it’s December it’s perfectly fine to listen Christmas music in my book. My partner only likes Sufjan Stevens’ Christmas albums, but I’m less picky. And this is my favorite when we’re talking whole albums:


But.. eh… I’m NOT fine with it. I cringe a little just sharing this.

Let’s go back to the song challenge instead. It’s time for some Nordic love again (cause you know, it’s two songs since the last one…). For my song “with the word under in the title” I looked westward to Norway. This is one of my all time favorite bands (and absolute best live band!) – Kaizers Orchestra with the awesome “Psycho under min hatt”.

Eg er større enn livet
Og livet er større enn deg
Og dine miniatyr fantasier
Og du som trur problemet er meg
Du kommer aldri fullt og heilt til å forstå


7 thoughts on “100 Day Song Challenge – #47

  1. Have you listened to the Weeping Willow’s Christmas record tho? Good and uncringy. Not that I don’t fully support listening to music that you find cringy (man måste ju för fan härdas!), just saying that there are options.

    To make you feel better (well maybe?): my top pick is probably the Josh Groban Christmas record. Possibly a tie with Celine Dion (not only cringy, but also retarded since both records are kinda old). Although nothing quite beats the depressing Swedish classics. Gläns över sjö och strand. Jul, jul, strålande jul.

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    1. But his music doesn’t make me cringe! And that’s the cringeworthy part 😦

      I’d love to love JG’s Christmas album but there are too many songs on it that I don’t know/like.

      My personal favorite in Swedish ones is “Mer jul” xD

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