100 Day Song Challenge – #49

Joking aside, I really have gone with a lot of Nordic music, haven’t I? Spotify and I agree that at least half my weekly “discover” playlist should be nordic, and this together with my love Airwaves… well, that’s just how things end up. Can’t say I’m unhappy about it!

Something I AM unhappy about however is a current increase of my tinnitus. It happened suddenly and not connected to any loud sounds, so I’m hoping (naively) that it’s not lasting. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had constant ringing in my ears since I was 15 and I’ve learned to live with that, but now there’s this sudden tone that’s louder! It’s driving me a bit crazy and I can’t say I enjoy listening to music at the moment.

Now it’s time for a song “with the word go in the title” and I turn, once again, towards Iceland. This guy was the first proper show we saw at Airwaves in 2014, and it was amazing. Sadly he still hasn’t released his album or played there again… meanwhile we follow him on fb and keep hoping! Bird with “Go Back”.


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