We all suck

Let’s start with this: one of the most interesting courses I took at uni was peace and conflict studies. Sad, disconcerting and awful – but interesting. World history is obviously a broad topic, and it makes some sort of sense that the school you go in focuses on your country’s own history and then kind of skims over the rest. But seriously the things we miss!

Things like; the current state of the world is essentially all our* fault. I mean I knew that most of the unstable states in Africa were colonies who became independent too abrupt and without the foundations to start their own countries on. But I didn’t know to what extent the same was true for the middle east until I read this book:



It’s a bit dry at times (he said, they did, the other guy said…) but definitely worth reading if you have any interest in history and/or politics.

Humans suck.

* White westerners.


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