Time to gush

Yeah, it’s time to gush! And it’s about a book again. When I ordered salt. from Amazon, they suggested that I might also like this book:


And since I already mentioned the gushing that is about to happen, you will know that they were right. The book consists of short poems – most are just a few lines. This format really appeals to me since I find it much more accessible. And it’s feminist!

I can imagine that the world would be a better place if everyone thought this way before reproducing – “marry the type of man i’d want to raise my son to be like”. Just replace man with person and son with child.


You’re not supposed to start sentences with “I” if you want to write well… or so they say. But look at this:


Ah, these women and their poetry – loving it! (And you don’t have to be a pretentious high culture snob to be able to read it!)

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