Feminist Friday

Last Friday, after having posted my first Feminist Friday post, I watched the Graham Norton Show. And it was their most feminist episode ever! (Eh, to my knowledge at least.)

Season 20, episode 10. It’s available illegally on youtube (link, which might disappear at any point) if you don’t have BBC. I realize it’s 40 minutes and you might not want to watch all that, then just jump ahead to 10:50 when they start talking about the redundancy of traditional masculinity. And Sandi Toksvig is in it and she’s just awesome.

And for anyone who’s lived in a cave and go “not all men”; watch this video, then read the comments.

And that video makes me think of this comic by Lina Neidestam:


(“Thanks but no thanks.”, “No.”, “But understand that I don’t want to talk, dance or sleep with you, respect a fucking no!”, “”I have a boyfriend.””, “My sincere apologies, miss!”)


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