I’m so high-maintenance

The office has been closed this week since we can’t ship things out anyway, so I’ve been home wed-fri while my partner’s been at work. Apparently I’ve grown out of being able to do nothing all day, so besides slacking I’ve also done some useful things like clearing up my own mess. When cleaning I like to just gather my things and stuff them into cupboards where no one sees them. Alas, this only works for so long. One of the things I sorted out was my nail polish collection, which was previously organized (not) as such:


But now, my friends, now! It’s like… properly organized. Before laughing at how though, I’d like to point out that “alla sätt är bra utom de dåliga” (“all ways/means are good except the bad”). And that the title of this post is supposed to be a joke. Here’s what an old shoe box and duct tape can get you:


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