A short course 

This is a short introduction course in how to make sure everyone knows you’re an ass. It’s quite simple really – just block as many seats as you can while traveling by commuter train in rush hour, like this guy:

Make sure you sit in the outer seat and that your bag blocks the inner seat. Bonus points by using your computer to give people the impression that you are busy – if you’re lucky they’ll choose to stand for 30 minutes instead of “disturbing”.

Good luck!


2 thoughts on “A short course 

  1. I hate people like that.. My worst experience on a train was a few years ago.. I have a permanent injury in my leg and i can’t strain it for too long and a guy was taking up two seats like this guy did.. I asked if i could sit because i was getting really tired but he just glared at me and said that ‘young people are obligated to stand up’.. i was like.. what…


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