Light vikings? Like a diet version?*

Sometimes it feels like my books are connected. Like when I read a book that took place in Russia, and one of the children in it had the same name as a child in the next book I read, but that one took place in Iceland and the name (Nonni) was not a name to me and the kids were of opposite genders. That might be all they have in common, but in my head they’ll always be linked now.

I’ve just had a similar thing, but with music. There’s this song by Mugison I love, called “Ljósvíkingur”. My beginner’s Icelandic has been literally NO help in figuring out what the title is about and Google Translate was equally helpful (“”Light viking”? wtf?”).

But now! I’m reading Halldór Laxness‘ “World Light“, and suddenly:

“My name is Ólafur Kárason, and I call myself ‘Ljósvíkingur’ because when I was a small boy I often stood at a little bay called Ljósavík, and watched the birds.”


Ooooooh. I get it now. And now it’s unavoidable; I’ll always hum the song while thinking of the book.

* I know it means light as in illuminate: ljós = ljus in Swedish, but thought this was funnier for a title.

4 thoughts on “Light vikings? Like a diet version?*”

      1. 😀

        That’s always the best. It’s like, I’m so cool, I’m reading the same books as the people who write the music I like -by accident-! (Mental age; anbout 5, or maybe 4 and a half. Just in case that was unclear.)

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