Top Ten Tuesday

It’s Tuesday and time for another  The Broke and the Bookish TTT!

January 24:  FREEBIE — that super specific list you want to make?? All yours to tackle this week!

I thought I’d do one with favorite (touristy) cities. This will be Europe-heavy since that’s where I’ve seen most (have only ever been in Europe and North America).

  1. Reykjavík. To be fair, this is partially because it’s linked with Iceland Airwaves in my head. It’s a lovely little city!
  2. Lisbon. Oh, Lisbon. So pretty! And the food! And the wine! And friendly people (who speak English! Nothing to take for granted in southern Europe).
  3. New York. I mean.. yes. This should be self-explanatory.
  4. Zürich. I was just amazed. If you’re there in summer a boat tour on the lake should be mandatory.
  5. Helsinki. My last memory of Helsinki is from the summer I was there for a friend’s wedding. Cute city but just like with Stockholm I’d recommend going in summer.
  6. London. Obviously! The city we’d live in if money didn’t make a difference and Brexit wasn’t happening.
  7. Amsterdam. As much as the main streets of A’dam (as we call it) are horrible (packed with souvenir shops, “coffee” shops and tourists) the outer “rings” are lovely and the city is just so pretty.
  8. Florence. Ponte Vecchio & Uffizi! Amazing food, good wine and easy travelling distance to also see cities like San Gimignano, Pisa and Siena.
  9. Paris. My mom’s favorite city. First time I went I wasn’t a fan, but I’ve warmed up to it since and would even consider living a year or two there.
  10. Washington DC. The first city I ever visited in the USA. We had a great time, with lovely weather and even biked to mount Vernon in the sun on my birthday.

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday”

  1. Follow up post: why I would consider living in Paris.

    Have to say, pleasantly surprised by Helsinki last time I was there. If only a band I like could book a show I’d go. And not take the boat there. So underwhelmed by the boats.


    1. I mean they’re not luxurious in any way, but in my experience it also depends on when you go. We took the boat from Helsinki to Stockholm after that wedding I mentioned, and it was fine. Not too noisy, wasn’t bothered by drunk people. Sure it’s a bit of a dump, but so are most airplanes!


      1. John med familj hade åkt båt till Helsingfors i fjol (tror jag det var) och ungarna tyckte discot var AMAZING. Lilltjejen dansade “i timmar” (enligt henne själv) och när någon tyckte hon var rolig och frågade om de fick dansa med henne svarade hon “nej, jag dansar bäst själv”. xD

        Så de kan vara roliga, fast det är ju aldrig främlingars barn… Så du vinner. Flyger man går det ju över snabbare iaf.

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