100 Day Song Challenge – #60

This song needs this little story as an intro. I don’t curse a lot. My parents never really did, and Swedish curses are kind of mild (hell! shit! damned! devil!) compared to other languages. The worst curse I’d ever say is “helvetes jävla skit” (approx. “hell’s damned shit”, which is a for real Swedish curse), but then things must have gone very, very awry. In English the occasional “fuck” will slip in if I’m upset and want to emphasise something. But that’s it. The same goes for “bad words” of any kind.

So. Some lines of this song still makes me twitchy (“what? you sing that in front of people?”), but whatever. No guilty pleasures and shaming, right?

A song “you liked this time last year” will be Tami T’s “I Never Loved This Hard This Fast Before”.

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