Feminist Friday

Lisa has requested that I dedicate an FF post to this question. Please note it was not written by her (her English is too good for that), but appeared in her social media feed:

What do you think of feminism? Do you think it has gone to extreme?

I mean, I can’t even read this question without sighing audibly.

As a start, the definition of feminism according to Merriam-Webster is:

  1. :  the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes

  2. :  organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests

So, short answer: no. We obviously haven’t reached the goals yet.

Long answer: I don’t even know where to start on this one, but I’ll try to filter out what’s relevant for the “discussion”. Due to the lack of social and political equality, men and women are obviously not being judged by the same standards. As soon as some (radical) feminists say the slightest thing against men, it’s all “ooooh, man-haters! it’s gone too far!”. Meanwhile women’s rights to their own bodies is something that’s in the hands of white cis-men and a man accused of several cases of sexual assault (this and this and this list) has been elected president.

These examples are from America, but this is obviously not only an American problem. Here’s a Swedish example which involves one of the links above and this lady (the post has been edited since the video I originally embedded has been removed from YouTube):

In 2015 Zara Larsson was scheduled to play at a festival (Bråvalla). In their marketing for the event, they highlighted (less well-known) men. When Zara commented on this (stating the fact that of the acts, she was by far most played on Spotify) as well as questioning the festival’s (lack of) gender perspective… the men on internet went berserk.

Let’s just recap this. She states facts: the festival is male dominated & she is the most played on Spotify of the acts they’re paying to play. And men go crazy. The response from men* included hate, rape threats, rape wishes, death threats, death wishes et cetera.

Just… no.

As long as such a large group of men can behave like this, I think feminism cannot possibly be “to extreme”. Bring it on sisters.


*sure, not all men. however an overwhelming majority of the comments and threats were made by men.


6 thoughts on “Feminist Friday”

  1. Well said! 🙂 Loved the Zara-example, most relevant.

    I saw some great response to the ‘not all men’ argument, goddamnit what was it, must have been Roxane Gay, she has the best comebacks. It was along the lines of, it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s all men. It’s completely beside the point. FFS. This’ll be my mission today, seriously, a good comeback to ‘not all men’ it’d be beyond useful.

    Vad blir det för ämne nästa vecka??

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      1. So glad you asked 😀

        Här är en sak jag tänk på på sistone, som är relaterat till det du skrev om ovan; vad är definitionen av radikalfeminism och är den verkligen så “illa” som folk tror? Jag har för mig att jag inte alls upplevde den som särskilt extrem när jag läste om den i Valerie Bryson.

        Eller! Kanske en lista på några av dina feministiska favoriter, typ böcker och/eller, musik och/eller Twitterkonton, och/eller filmer you get the idea.


      2. Kom precis på ett till förslag! A feminist reading of [insert book here]. Behöver inte vara långt, jag tänker typ bara någon aspekt av en bok och en feministisk tolkning/läsning/diskussion. Tror jag ska börja föra en lista på förslag..

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