Garfunkel & Oates

Have I expressed my love of Garfunkel & Oates here yet? I don’t think so, and it’s definitely about time then! While my partner is a belly-laughing kind of person, I don’t often laugh out loud. There are a few exceptions though, and Garfunkel & Oates crack me up to the degree where i will “lol” for real. (Like when watching their special on Netflix!)

My boss is pregnant and annoying the hell out of me, which made me think about this song:

And some more that I enjoy:

Music Monday

Music Monday is initiated by Lauren!



Today I think it’s time for this awesome lady who was in the Oscar-winning movie Moonlight! (Which I haven’t seen since it’s not been in our cinema, but obviously will!)

We have no bananas

Every week they get fruit baskets delivered at work, and every week I’m like “yeah, I’ll eat fruit! If I leave it here on my desk I’ll see it every day and won’t forget”, and then I forget and come Friday the fruit is less than fresh.

This week the victims were two bananas and a mandarin, and I remembered that banana bread is delicious! I ended up doing this recipe (with adjusted quantities since I only had 2 bananas) and they are really really tasty! Either google tricked me with the temperature conversion though, or the person who posted the recipe has a really crappy oven. If you try it, beware! I turned the heat down halfway in cause they were getting really brown, really fast, without baking properly inside.


Feminist Friday

I think it’s time for a list again, this time I’ll try to come up with 5 movies. Now, I haven’t specifically tried to find feminist movies, but movies that celebrate female friendships:

  • Pitch Perfect. It’s full of women! Who have names and talk to each other! And even though there’s a love interest in it, it’s not the main storyline. And Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson!
  • Clueless. We had this one on VHR and I’ve seen it SO MANY times. Still cute though.
  • Thelma and Louise. I know, I know. But how can you avoid it in a list like this?
  • Bridesmaids. For someone who has no intention of ever marrying, I sure do like my wedding-centered movies. And this one has Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig in it, so obviously worth seing. (Also Chris O’Dowd as love interest, who’d have seen that coming after the IT Crowd?) (Oh… eh, and Rebel Wilson!)
  • How to be Single. This is far from a feminist movie, but it was entertaining enough (again, Rebel Wilson!) and the moral of the story… sisters before misters (such a lame slogan btw, I swear never to use it IRL).


Tulip land

On Monday I bought flowers! This is such a rare occasion that it warrants a blog post. I live in tulip land after all, and flowers really are quite nice. I should do this more often! And yes, the magazine in the corner is “New in Chess”, because how could you not subscribe to that?