Feminist Friday

It’s time for a list! Again it’s always helpful Lisa who suggested some things to list, and I will start with this:

Five Feminist Songs:

So the first two are “oldies” but goodies, and maybe not everyone know them? I saw Le Tigre in Umeå (it’s a town…) in 2005 and I still have the t-shirt (although pretty much in rags by now). I was blown away and instantly had a crush.

Obviously Annika Norlin will be part of the list again. If you, like I, have problems hearing what she sings in this song you can read the lyrics here. In Beyoncé’s song, just listen to the lines from “We Should All Be Feminists”. Swoon. And Taylor because apparently she has turned into something of an icon on this blog.

They also did this pretty awesome cover of I’m so excited:

Lunachicks also did a great cover – of Heart of Glass:

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