We have no bananas

Every week they get fruit baskets delivered at work, and every week I’m like “yeah, I’ll eat fruit! If I leave it here on my desk I’ll see it every day and won’t forget”, and then I forget and come Friday the fruit is less than fresh.

This week the victims were two bananas and a mandarin, and I remembered that banana bread is delicious! I ended up doing this recipe (with adjusted quantities since I only had 2 bananas) and they are really really tasty! Either google tricked me with the temperature conversion though, or the person who posted the recipe has a really crappy oven. If you try it, beware! I turned the heat down halfway in cause they were getting really brown, really fast, without baking properly inside.


7 thoughts on “We have no bananas”

  1. I’m confused. Du sänkte alltså från 190 grader? Låter ju som en temp där inget blir särskilt bränt? Å andra sidan vad vet jag, min ugn är rätt..speciell. Jag kör allt i 250 grader, aldrig några problem att något blir bränt. Blessing in disguise?


      1. Hmm. Kanske du har en sån där varmluftsugn som man hör talas om ibland? Sån som kräver att man tar lägre temp? Hittills har ingen varmluft jag testat gjort så men jag har hört att det -ska- vara så.


      2. Alltså, vi har en som *kan* vara varmluftsugn (eller grill, eller kombinationer mellan alla dem), men jag körde i det helt vanliga ugnsläget, och det brukar fungera på svenska recept iaf.


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