Feminist Friday

Since I’m trying to mainly read  books written by women this year, I’ve started paying attention to the gender of the author when buying books. And it may NOT come as a surprise, it’s quite appalling how disproportionate it is.

So, for today’s FF I thought I’d do gender check at my local bookstore. I pass Leiden train station every work day, and the AKO store there has a table with English books, so this was my sample group:

And how did they fare? Out of 63 books, 40 are written by men and 23 by women. This is not something I’ve paid much attention before, but it seems fair (?) to assume that this is not abnormal. Hopefully this’ll be a recurring check here, which might allow me to draw some conclusions.

How does it look in your local bookstore?

The Girl With All the Gifts – Book versus Movie #1

I read this book a while back and quite enjoyed it. Not my favorite zombie book, but definitely in the top 10 (if we count the Autumn (yes, I went there again) series as 1, and Newsflesh as 1). It takes a somewhat different spin of the story and Melanie is a great narrator. While I didn’t manage to catch the movie adaptation in the cinema (it didn’t show at my local ones), I’ve seen it now!

And? I’m a firm believer of “the book was better”, and I still think that was the case here – but not by much. The movie’s storyline stays pretty true to the book, and the characters gave me the same kind of feeling as they did in the book. (I’ll allow the last third veering off a bit, the end was still “right”.)

Top Ten Tuesday

It’s Tuesday and time for another  The Broke and the Bookish TTT!

March 28: Top Ten Authors I’m Dying To Meet / Ten Authors I Can’t Believe I’ve Met  (some other “meeting authors” type spin you want to do)

Egh. I don’t want to meet any of them, cause seriously, what would I have to say? “I like your books. Ok. Bye.” (This goes for all famous persons, no matter to what degree I like their work.)

Instead I’ll do a list of my favorite authors (no meeting them ever, thanks!)
In no specific order:

  • Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – all the pretty words!
  • Mark Z. Danielewski – mixes art with litterature, + (credit wikipedia) “He has also not been seen publicly without donning a cat shirt since at least 2010.”
  • Scarlett Thomas – weird stories that still catch my interest.
  • Charles C. Mann – makes history interesting!
  • Nayyirah Waheed – the gorgeous poems that made me like poetry
  • David Moody – I still think of this series EVERY WEEK.

Feminist Friday

Working on getting into reading news again (it’s just so depressing), I signed up to a 50% off offer for the New York Times (€ 5 a month, I can live with that), and immediately read things like this opinion page article where Gloria Steinem argues for starting to use “prick flick” as a descriptive label for certain movies. Fantastic!

As you can see, this one simple label could guide men like the guy on the plane through the diversity of features, as well as the TV series we binge-watch. It could also help women, and empathetic men, to know what to avoid.

 And as expected, the men commenting are really quite upset about it. Hilarious.

100 Day Song Challenge – #74

A song “by a band’s lead singer”.

Technically I think “Farin Urlaub Racing Team” is Farin and his band, but I will totally count it as a band for this challenge. Any reason to be including this song: OK.

It has the kind of depressing lyrics I love:

Absolut nichts ist in Ordnung
Absolut nichts ist ok
Verkneif dir jegliches Mitleid
Und spar dir jedes Klischee

Jukkasjärvi & the Ice hotel

40 (39?) years ago my parents got married. They didn’t want any hassle with this, so they found a pretty little wooden church in the north of Sweden and got married there all on their own (obviously with priest and witnesses, but you get what I mean).

We have visited the village the church is in twice since then, but my mom wanted to go back in winter when the ice hotel is there. So we did. All 3 kids and mom went to Kiruna, and visited the village of Jukkasjärvi to see the hotel (and the church).


Even though (proper) winter is my favorite season, I’m not overly tempted by sleeping in an ice hotel. That being said, the place feels magical! There are art suites that are all different (since they were created by different artists) and some of they are just gorgeous.

And the city of Kiruna is a story of itself – the iron mine is still going strong. So strong in fact that the city will sink into it. Hence the perfectly logical (?) solution – let’s move the city! (But lol: “The moving of the town was started in 2014 and it is expected to be finished by 2100.”) That’s a huge project and most buildings will in fact not be moved because hello expensive, but instead new buildings will be erected at the new city center. One of the buildings that will be moved piece by piece is the pretty wooden church: