Project 2017 – Update #2

I have three goals for this year, and will be making monthly updates on them. They are:

  • thinking of my health and start moving more. no numbers, explicit goals or deadlines, but simply that – move more, be kind to my body.
  • favorize women! more female authors and artists
  • continue learning stuff.

So, how has February been?

Health: I have set foot in the gym again, I repeat – I have set foot in the gym. Obviously it’ll take some perseverance, but at least I have begun! [the weather is seriously not helping though. rain, ice, wind, storms. come on.]

The Ladies: Si! I’m not really listening to music at the moment, but my podcasts are female-dominated and in the book-world I haven’t ready any more books by men than I had at the last update, so at this point it’s like this: 18 books read – 16 by female writers. Go me!

Learning: Er. No. I guess this is like with looking at houses online, I like to browse (for courses/houses) but don’t really want to commit now… Still working on the Ukulele though! Still doing a bit every day and it’s quite slow going but at least I know some chords.

6 thoughts on “Project 2017 – Update #2”

    1. Well, I want to get back to going to bodypump, but my social aversion to meeting people in group combined with not having gone for quite a while makes that… anxiety filled?
      So, so far – just some machines! (cardio warm-up)

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      1. Oo, body pump. I also want to get back to body pump. I’m OK with the people mostly (at the gym that is), it’s just they’ve changed the classes so I’d have to learn it all over again + weak as hell. Also, hours aren’t great for me, thus the move… let’s make it a challenge! Who’ll be the first to get back into body pump! 😉 Och efter det ser vi vem som blir starkast fortast genom armbrytning! (Vilka tror jag att vi är egentligen?)


      2. Hahaha, let’s make it a (motivational) challenge! Vi kan skippa armbrytningen däremot 😛
        De har ändrat sen jag gick i Sverige också, det är fan inga pauser nu utan det går i ett och man blir jättetrött! De är faktiskt helt okej, jag vill bara inte att de ska försöka småprata med mig…


      3. Fy fan, jag känner att jag kommer att få ångra denna challenge.

        Ja alltså det är illa nog med småprat på svenska, när jag var i Skottland var de väldigt pepp på att försöka prata med mig på passen. Då man knappt förstod vad de sa. The. Horror. Kanske om man ser lite galen ut så håller de sig på avstånd?


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