Dutch winter and Logan

My partner keeps telling me that it’s “not winter – it’s March”, but if you grew up in the northern half of Sweden I can tell you that this is still very much winter. Whatever it may count as in NL, it’s been raining every day the last week. Yesterday started off nice, so I was all “look, the sun!”, and then it poured down the second half of the day.

On Saturday we went to see Logan (Marvel, yay!) and I had very low expectations. Despite liking most of the actors in it, the X-men universe isn’t my favorite (why would you like mutants when you can have actual gods like in Thor? – also, hello Hemsworth,  Hiddleston & Portman (and Kat Dennings as a great sidekick!)). If you really mind spoilers you should stop reading now.


Man, Stewart is old now. I mean, I know this, he’s like 77? But they made him look so much older than he does normally. And they made Jackman look old too! (Side note: I didn’t recognize that it was him the fist time I saw the trailer, and I’m usually OK with faces.) So anyway, it’s a bunch of years later and Prof X is going demented and Wolverine is also not doing great. Great premiss for a Wolverine movie, right?!

I loved it. It’s darker, grittier and more profane than Marvel’s standard template, has a great soundtrack and includes an ass-kicking latina girl. Perfect ending to Wolverine and a nice new start for his daughter.

3 thoughts on “Dutch winter and Logan”

  1. Second that! I stared and stared at the still before starting the clip all “But which one’s Hugh!?!??” I wanna blame the hair. It’s v. v. different from his usual style. And makes him look like someone else, whose name escapes me.


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