Feminist Friday

A couple of times I’ve considered writing about men in this segment, instead of women. I’ve always changed my mind, reasoning that while feminism is equality, men aren’t underexposed in political/social debate.

But this post will make an exception. Two weeks ago I managed to stay awake to watch the Graham Norton Show on BBC (it starts at 23:35 on a Friday evening…). Whether I decide to take this struggle on or not depends on who the guests are; Sir Patrick and Sir Ian were worth it (we’re re-watching Star Trek Next Generation, so Sir Pat is always relevant in our house). And I was not disappointed.

This video will probably disappear from Youtube, but I’m talking about season 20, episode 20:

I honestly and sincerely think that if all men had this kind of friendships in their lives, the world would be a much nicer place. Just look at them and their interactions with Hugh!

It also lead to this meme, so that’s pretty great:


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