Feminist Friday

Since I’m trying to mainly read  books written by women this year, I’ve started paying attention to the gender of the author when buying books. And it may NOT come as a surprise, it’s quite appalling how disproportionate it is.

So, for today’s FF I thought I’d do gender check at my local bookstore. I pass Leiden train station every work day, and the AKO store there has a table with English books, so this was my sample group:

And how did they fare? Out of 63 books, 40 are written by men and 23 by women. This is not something I’ve paid much attention before, but it seems fair (?) to assume that this is not abnormal. Hopefully this’ll be a recurring check here, which might allow me to draw some conclusions.

How does it look in your local bookstore?

2 thoughts on “Feminist Friday”

  1. Herregud räkna frivilligt att du orkar. I will tell you this: 3 st böcker på tema feminism på rea på bokrean, score! (Dvs. till halva reapriset.)

    Request: jämförelse med din egen bokhylla, hur många kvinnliga författare har du där??

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    1. Men alltså jag stod ju inte bokaffären och räknade, utan tog kort och räknade ihop lite snabbt innan jag skrev det 😛 Tog säkert 5 minuter totalt (inklusive bilder + uppladdning av bilder).

      Jämförelse med min egen bokhylla är mycket bra förslag, den kommer jag tillbaks till sen nånting! 🙂


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