Project 2017 – Update #3 (Q1!)

I have three goals for this year, and will be making monthly updates on them. They are:

  • thinking of my health and start moving more. no numbers, explicit goals or deadlines, but simply that – move more, be kind to my body.
  • favorize women! more female authors and artists
  • continue learning stuff.

So, how has the first quarter gone?

Health: Meh. I’ve been eating slightly less bad, but instead haven’t been moving very much at all.

The Ladies: Still going strong! I’m well above the 75% in reading, and musically it’s pretty much all about the women (and a few falsetto-singing men).

Learning: Ukulele playing! I’m trying to learn to play Riptide and it’s going ok (but damn, chucking’s difficult). Apart from this, I haven’t learned very much at all.



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