Dude! I don’t know. Work sucks, with 2 long-term illnesses in the team we’re spread very thin, and it’s starting to get to me. Makes me hum this Johnossi line: “What’s the point of doing anything”.

So I was going to do the TTT for today, but the books that come to mind are all ones I’ve listed before, so I won’t. Instead, see a picture of our little plants:


Sent it to my brother, whose response was “Mom says you aren’t allowed to grow drugs”. To which the only reasonable response of course is – you can have 5 plants for own use! And these are mainly cucumbers and tomatoes.

Cologne was nice and the weather awesome. And somehow I came back with these…


How can you say no to free books? (This is only like a fourth of what I COULD have brought back, so I behaved.)

4 thoughts on “Bah”

  1. Ah yes, that Johnossi track is like the soundtrack of life (not mine and not yours, just -life-).

    Also. What a response! If you can grow -anything- never mind what, go you! I’ve had to realize that growing things, it is not for me. If I can keep bought plants alive for any period of time, then great.

    And FFS, I had planned to do TTT today, slipped my mind. I thought the topic looked kinda fun. Maybe I’ll just make it a Top Ten Thursday, because who would stop me?


    1. Haha, yes!
      We don’t really have any flowers/plants, so this is the one thing – growing some herbs or veggies over summer. Oh, and I have an imported Swedish wild strawberry plant that’s alive for 3 years! It’s also spread into the garden. Biodiversity!


      1. Not even a cactus..?

        Herbs I find are sooo difficult. A course would be great. I mean fresh basil + peppermint, best plants you could have in your house easy.

        3 years is mad impressive!


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