Hello Kitty Must Die

wp-1488398446675.jpgAt one point I was taking advanced courses at Uni, thinking I’d go for an MA (obviously I didn’t, I have 0 follow-through). One of the optional books in the literature course was Hello Kitty Must Die. I didn’t read it (think I opted for Wetlands instead?), but did buy it. And now, years later, I figured I should finally read it.

Fiona Yu is a 28-year old lawyer who still lives at home, since her (Chinese) parents think the only acceptable reason to move out is to marry (a Chinese man). To achieve this, her dad sets her up on dates, with the advice to “wear lipstick”.

I would guess this is a book you love or hate. The language is pretty explicit at some points (I mean, it’s nowhere near Wetlands, but still), and this is how it starts off:


One thing leads to the next and Fi is off to see a hymen-restoration surgeon, who turns out to be her childhood friend Sean. So far so good, and it might almost be a raunchy chick lit. But it’s not. I won’t reveal too much, but will instead show some favorite sections from the book. If these appeal to you, you should just read it. It’s only 250 pages with 1,5 space lining, so it can be finished in a day if you commit.


“I hate children.
Even when I was one myself, I hated all the other kids.” (156)

“No thank you.
‘Fiona doesn’t mean that,’ said my father. He laughed nervously and said, ‘Don’t listen to her. She says no when she means yes.’
The classic defense of rapists.” (160)

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