Things that annoy me (part 1?)

I like to think that I’m usually quite reasonable (then again, who doesn’t think that of themselves?). But sometimes I get, what even I think is unreasonably, annoyed by certain things. My latest pet peeve is this:

To quote that video that went around like 20 years ago; “WTF mate?”. *
Look. If you’re trying to sell me things, it should be enough of an indication of my interest that I’m still scrolling down, right? At NO POINT, should I have to repeatedly click a fucking button to “see more”. No. I refuse. Screw your new website Ecco.

Especially annoying is the one on the left from, where I’m trying to view my own “wish list”. And since I’m completely reasonable, my wish list only contains 194 books that I may or may not ever read, but in any case just show me the damn list.

* It’s from 2003. Close enough.

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