Cirque du Soleil

When my partner left his previous job, one of the gifts he got was tickets to see Cirque du Soleil (Varekai) in Amsterdam. Yesterday was the day, and we braved public transport without trains (they’re doing maintenance and there won’t be any trains past where we live until Wednesday…).

Neither of us had any idea of what to expect, I only knew I’d heard it called “nycirkus” (“New circus”). If asked to describe it afterwards, I’d say it’s a mix of dancing, acrobatics and circus, which was surprisingly nice. At times there were so much going on on stage that I had no idea who to watch, but that’s alright.

The woman sitting next to us was complaining the whole first act and left in the break, so that’ll show you that opinions differ. We were seated pretty far from the stage, and I think if you’re to go it’s worth splurging on tickets closer to the stage (and risk being approached by the clowns), so that you can see a bit more of facial expressions and all that. It was certainly an experience I enjoyed. I don’t think you should “prepare” too much before seeing them, so here is the small promotional video I found that does indeed not say too much…

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