Feminist Friday (music edition)

Let’s celebrate that it’s Friday with some singing ladies that’s been on repeat on my phone/Spotify!

Starting off with Alva, who I’d never heard of until Spotify’s Discover Weekly added her to this week’s list. That voice!

Since my knowledge of contemporary radio music is not great, I’d never heard the original of this one, but the cover is great! (And it was also in my weekly Spotify list…)

And, another one from Spotify (really, how do people who don’t get along with Discover Weekly find new music?). Skott:

Let’s finish this little list off with ass-kicking Maxida Märak.

She’s also done this one, about the mine in Kiruna (Sweden), and how capitalist interests go before the rights of our native people:

3 thoughts on “Feminist Friday (music edition)”

  1. Kan inte tolka detta som annat än en uppmaning!

    How to find new music not using Spotify Discover Weekly:

    1. Go to the gym. That’s how you know about/learn to love I follow rivers.
    2. Follow members of bands you like on Twitter, listen to any and every band they say is great (except for Blink 182 because it’s simply not true)
    3. Watch people talk about music. Musicians you already like is one way to go, random youtubers another.
    4. Go to related artists either on Spotify or Last.fm.
    5. Leave YouTube on auto, it’ll proceed to play you Northlane (example of one band I started listening to by accidentally leaving it on auto when I was watching Architects)
    6. Blogs? I mean what you’re doing here, quite clever, no?

    More difficult without Spotify in my opinion: knowing when bands/artists you already like are releasing new material. If only they were as skilled in the use of Twitter as Architects…

    PS. If you had my Discover Weekly you’d have to resort to other means too. Examples from my current list: Alexisonfire, Dillinger Escape Plan, Basement, bunch of tracks I’ve already listened to (???), Goijra, Katatonia..I’m practically insulted. I spent most of last week listening a lot to Agnes Obel, I don’t see a single track that resembles Agnes in any way. /suris

    Det om detta!


    1. Ok, but! 1) how do you know what the song they play is called? googling the lyrics?
      2) I don’t do twitter
      3) I hear enough people talking at work to spend my spare time listening to (granted more interesting, but still) people talk
      4) yes, ok, that would work
      5) god no
      6) how do you find the good ones though? give me good ones to follow that share music!


      1. 1. Exactly! I can even do it for songs in languages I do not know (e.g. Torero, which I probably shouldn’t tell anyone I like, but still!)
        2. You’re missing out!
        3. Yes, that would be the response of sane people. But some of them are funny! Like really.
        4. GOOD! som Martin Gore säger.
        5. God yes! Life without Northlane is practially not worth living. (Nänä, överdriver ej, inte det minsta.)
        6. …didn’t quite figure that one out yet. I do follow some that mention music sometimes. But they’re not really about music at all. So basically, I’m assuming there are blogs that could provide you with knowledge about new music that are actually about music. I mean there has to be. Or no wait, I know that there are, we just don’t like the same music so I don’t follow them. I’ll get back to you?


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